People who believe that life has meaning. Christians who want to share what they have discovered:

We can live true and respectful relationships, We can make real friends, We can choose trust.

Everyone is welcomed. There is no judgment, no impossible situation.

“Life is stronger than death,
love stronger than hatred or violence. »

Ziléos is an association recognized by the Catholic Church with an ecumenical openness. It is run by people who have been involved with young people for several years.



  • To help everyone find answers to the questions they ask themselves in many areas.
  • To understand the world and its issues a little better.
  • To choose how to get involved and build a more just and fraternal world.

Et Dieu dans tout ça, où est-il ? À Ziléos, on peut aussi découvrir l’éclairage de l’Évangile.


For young people aged 11 to 25 who have questions and don't want ready-made answers.

For young people who are thirsty...

  • De se connaître,
  • De construire des relations vraies avec d’autres,
  • De trouver un sens à leur vie,
  • De trouver des réponses à leurs questions existentielles, de s’engager.

For anyone who has questions about God. In Zileos, those who wish can deepen their faith.

And for young people of other religions, with respect for our differences and a desire to meet.


We offer different types of meetings whose program is adapted to the age of the participants: clubs, camps, training, events, etc. In each meeting, festive times, creative and sporting workshops, intervention on a theme chosen by the participants alternate. with varied and quality speakers, sharing time and spiritual time.


Animators happy to do what they do. They are close, respectful and trusting. They listen to everyone, their needs and their development. They are open to proposals from participants to organize the meetings. They are inventive.

They themselves experience what they seek to share.

Zileos seeks to take Jesus as a model in his way of relating with people. For example, in the Gospel of John (4, 1-46), we see Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman and his way of being allows a meeting in truth. Everyone comes out of it grown and it is in this search for truth that God can come to me and make himself known.