With others, find how to live your faith in today's world, experience the Church through fraternal life, the word of God and the sacraments.


 Des temps forts dans l’année et des moments pour partager, vivre la fraternité, se former, mieux connaître les écritures, le Christ et l’Évangile, découvrir une relation vivante avec Lui et être en mission
in your living spaces, clubs and camps. 


A one-year course renewable over 4 years with:

Une retraite en début d’année

A training session at the end of the year

Fraternal and thematic meetings 1/month – Cafés

Un engagement concret : social ou missionnaire, participer à l’animation des événements Ziléos ou autres

Spiritual accompaniment

Un partage biblique en visio ou sur place 1/mois



« PAFC retreats always bring me a lot, in unexpected detours and details. They are really coming to phish me. Each one introduces us to places or people with divergent mentalities, all possessing a convergent faith; they ardently desire to embody one thing: the Love of Christ. This love manifests itself in the concoction, unexpectedly, of a community dinner (and aperitif), warm reunions for the participants who return from retreat after retreat, then through times of communion and interiority. Whether in a cloud of snow at Camp Beauséjour or on the bed of autumn leaves in an abbey courtyard, the Spirit is there. »


« The journey of deepening the Christian faith allowed me to learn more about my faith and its foundations. With other young people who are on this journey, we can share the issues we encounter in our environment, the situations we face, but also create new friendships. It is fraternity, joy and faith that brings us together on every occasion. »


« I met Ziléos because a friend had offered me a weekend of the Deepening the Faith course. I went there without really knowing what awaited me. I believe I trusted God and I was not disappointed. The PAFC made me discover who Jesus was. A big revelation for me. God spoke to me, but not this mysterious man. With Ziléos, I was able to understand who he was and especially his role in our lives. Since that weekend, my faith has grown and my thirst to learn more about the scriptures has manifested itself. My journey is not linear and many questions and doubts still come to me, but I know that I am well surrounded by Ziléos and its members (my friends I would say). This is basically what the PAFC represents for me in so few words! »