Call of the dawn: Fall 2022 Ep04 – Ziléos is 10 years old 

Marie-Josée Roux meets Richard Boislard, head of Ziléos Canada, to tell us about this pastoral association serving young people which is increasingly taking on an international dimension. To listen to the interview, click here

Call of Dawn: Spring 2022 Ep08 – A meeting with Pope Francis

Marie-Josée Roux meets Jacinthe Allard, from the Ziléos Canada Association, to introduce us to World Youth Day (WYD). To listen to the interview it’s here !

For its 10th anniversary, Ziléos changes address

To read Manon Toupin’s article in the newspaper La Nouvelle on the inauguration of the new Ziléos Canada and International offices, click here ! 

Call of the dawn #13 – Testimony of a young believer

Marie-Josée Roux meets Charles-Antoine Dupuis, facilitator at Camp Beauséjour and for Ziléos Canada. To listen to the interview it’s here ! 

Quality podcasts !

The Catjolique Church of Quebec has made known podcasts of great interest for Christians, designed in our region or in Quebec, then our Horizon Jeunesse + radio show is on their list ! 

Call of Dawn #12 – The youth mission at Camp Beauséjour

Marie-Josée Roux this week receives Jasmin Houle to tell us about the youth mission at Camp Beauséjour, an important collaborator of Ziléos Canada. To listen to the interview it’s here ! 

Article from En communion (December 2020), magazine of the diocese of Nicolet (Quebec)

Young people have some serious questions

Article by Roger Clavet (Ziléos International)

The pastoral foundation of the diocese aims for $200,000

The Pastoral Foundation of the Diocese of Nicolet supports various projects. The Ziléos movement, established about five years ago in Victoriaville, is one of them.

To read Myriam’s testimony about her experience at Ziléos in the newspaper L’Expresse it's here

A successful 5th anniversary for Ziléos

On September 30, 2017, Ziléos celebrated its 5th anniversary at the Victoriaville Convention Center.

To read the article published in La Nouvelle it's here

La Nouvelle shares our campaign to help the Ukrainian community

While thousands of people are fleeing Ukraine and trying to take refuge in neighboring countries, the Ziléos Association is mobilizing to help Ukrainians who arrive in Romania.

To read the press release is here 

Article in the Passages bulletin of the Office de catechèse du Québec, by Sandrine Hélie

Our communications and events manager, Sandrine Hélie, was invited to write an article in the fall 2021 bulletin of the Office de catechèse du Québec. Thank you for this great opportunity to give a voice to our young leaders! 

We are on page 6: READ THE ARTICLE

Article in Rencontre magazine, by Robert Lalonde

The magazine of the Christian Cultural Center of Montreal (CCCM), Rencontre, did us the honor of writing an article on Ziléos in its September – October – November 2021 issue. We generously thank Robert Lalonde for the writing!

We are on page 24: READ THE ARTICLE

100 Huntley Street

Maggie John speaks with Elisabeth Terrien and Patrick Francois about « ZeBible. » Elisabeth is Co-founder and editor of « ZeBible. » In 2004, aware of the lack of an appropriate tool for teens to discover the treasures of the Bible, she initiated and developed an ecumenical French Bible called « ZeBible » in 2011. To watch the interview its here


Le Pélerin magazine presents the Ziléos association

To read the article it is possible online here or directly  . Article by Thérèse Thibon (Le Pèlerin Magazine)

The daily newspaper LA CROIX announces the Mega Club and presents Ziléos

« Ziléos, un mouvement à destination des jeunes éloignés de l’Église »

The Ziléos movement is organizing an international online event on Saturday February 6 inviting young people to discuss the theme of hope. He thus continues his mission with young people alienated from the faith for a “Church on the way out”.

Thérèse Thibon,
le 06/02/2021


Radio Notre Dame – Entrevue Patrick et Béatrice François


Marie-Leïla Coussa receives Patrick and Béatrice to talk about Ziléos on her show Rencontre. To listen to the interview, click here!

The French weekly Famille Chrétienne presents Ziléos

Mission 11-25 years

Ziléos is a new youth evangelization movement. Primarily aimed at non-Christians, its pedagogy is based on meetings.