Concrete benefits for your child

Young people gain confidence and self-confidence. They discover that they can be themselves while being respected. They dare to speak in front of a group and leave behind the fear of judgment (their own and that of others). They discover that they can take initiatives and this often comes to fruition within the family, at school or high school, at university and at work. They develop a feeling of belonging to a place that is their own and they are proud to have this space.

« Mon fils est rentré transformé du camp ! J’assiste à sa renaissance. »


Supervised activities

For all sports or activities, Ziléos ensures that it complies with the legal framework of the country. These activities are supervised by recognized professionals and carried out with approved equipment. The facilitators choose activities whose risk is adapted to each age group. Each time, Ziléos or the structure where its activities are implemented (parish, institution, school, etc.) takes the necessary assurances.

Parents informed

Parents are kept informed of all activities/meetings offered to their children (parental authorizations are requested, parent meetings organized). With young minors, Ziléos communicates by email or post to both young people and their parents. They may be invited to participate in a meeting.

Mandatory training

Tous les animateurs de Ziléos reçoivent une formation initiale et continue et organisent leurs activités dans les cadres légaux de chaque pays. Suite aux révélations sur la pédophilie au sein de mouvements de jeunes. Ziléos insiste sur la plus grande vigilance à adopter pour le choix, l’appel, et l’accompagnement dans la durée de ses animateurs (trices). Ils doivent tous prouver qu’ils n’ont pas de casier judiciaire. Ziléos s’engage à mettre en place des programmes de formation et de sensibilisation obligatoires qui s’inscrivent dans la formation continue et engagent tous les acteurs (formateurs et animateurs). Les jeunes accueillis à Ziléos seront également sensibilisés et informés de leurs droits lors de leur participation aux rencontres de l’association. En cas de maltraitances ou de violences à caractère sexuel sur un mineur ou une personne vulnérable, Ziléos saisira immédiatement les autorités et collaborera pleinement avec la justice.


Ziléos tient à la formation et à l’accompagnement dans la durée de ses animateurs et responsables et tient autant au savoir, au savoir-être qu’au savoir-faire. Elle donne une place importante à la relecture des expériences.

The animators of Ziléos seek to unify their lives as Christians:

Maintain consistency in their way of life and the message announced to young people;

Bring a look of respect and love to everyone;

To know how to listen
Do not be afraid to evolve in their ideas and know-how;
Be aware that faith is a treasure and of the responsibility to transmit it in a living and constantly updated way;
Combine love, competence and responsibility.


Parents can get involved in the animation and organization of Ziléos clubs and camps. There are conditions: have the agreement of their child and put themselves at the service of the organization and animation of the group as a whole, leaving the other facilitators to take care of their child. They are aware that their mission is to allow young people to take up as much space as possible in the animation and organization. They will also have to provide a clean criminal record.

Want to get involved?


« During Ziléos activities, we noticed that our daughter found additional information to what we could provide her on how to live her life. In addition to having developed strong friendships and relationships with other young people and leaders, Ziléos allowed him to put even more tools in his chest to have a beautiful and good life, open to others and to the world. . »

« We are very proud of our daughter. Since she finished high school, we are happy to see her positive development and that her values are in the right place. She already listens to herself and pays attention to those around her. She is determined, responsible and will be able to meet the objectives she sets for herself. Is it because she frequents Zileos? »

Zileos and young people of other religions

In its club meetings, Ziléos, a Christian movement, also welcomes young people of other religions. He does this with respect for differences, a desire for encounter and dialogue. Ziléos welcomes all young people who ask questions and want to travel with others. No judgment, no search for conversion. Everyone is respected for who they are. Zileos seeks, when he can, to collaborate with movements of other religions.