Do you want to find meaning in your life? To make new friends? To have fun but also to enrich yourself? Then the Ziléos club is for you!

You participate in the Ziléos club… or not! Do you want to get to know your friends better or make new ones? Come to camp!

A journey to consolidate your faith, reread and discover the presence of God in your life in the light of the Gospel.


Whether you are a believer, Christian or of another religion, unbeliever, or searching, you are welcome with your friends.

The sporting, artistic, fun and social activities and the themes covered by the speakers are chosen by the young people in the group at the start of the year. You therefore participate in the construction of the year’s program. At the end of the meeting, while respecting each person's faith, we look together at what the gospels tell us in relation to the theme of the day. The Ziléos club is for growing up with your friends, thinking, playing, letting off steam, questioning yourself together, respecting each other, listening to each other, sharing, celebrating, understanding, creating, gaining self-confidence, laughing, learning to believe, to reflect on…

Varied activities!

At the club, you don't need to register for the year: come and see!


In a caring and friendly climate, Ziléos invites you to come to the camp.

Whether you are Christian, non-believer or looking, don't hesitate: you are welcome with your friends. You will find joy, respect for everyone, relaxation, extraordinary speakers and witnesses, friendship to feel surrounded, encouraged, soothed, authentic. You will be able to learn about yourself, to build yourself, make friends, take charge of your life, take responsibilities, grow, deepen your faith, open your life to Jesus Christ…. feel alive.

Varied activities!

Come discover Camp Ziléos!


Avec d’autres, trouver comment vivre ta foi dans le monde d’aujourd’hui et expérimenter l’Église,
à travers la vie fraternelle et les sacrements.

When and how ? Highlights in the year and moments to share, experience fraternity, train, know Christ better and be on mission in your places of life, clubs and camps. To better know the Scriptures, Bible sharing times every month by Skype or on site.

Several highlights during the year:

Participate in the animation

You have experience of several clubs or camps, and you want to get into animation. You are welcome. If your facilitator has not yet spoken to you about it, you can ask them. You will participate in the preparation of clubs or camps. This will take you about an hour every fortnight. This will bring you a lot...