Discern and evaluate

Ziléos can receive request to develop in a location: diocese, parish, university, school, institution. This call comes from young people, parents, priests, pastoral leaders, bishops or pastors... They contact the nearest Ziléos group.

The head of the “geographical area” goes on site and listens to the field, needs and expectations, presents the Ziléos project and, in a dialogue with the people met, he:

  • discern whether the purpose, mission, pedagogy and methods of Ziléos are consistent with the initial request;
  • adapts to the terrain to propose an action plan;
  • ensures that at least two young adults and three young people are volunteers to carry out and initiate this project, with the agreement of their ecclesial hierarchy;
  • gives or not, with these elements, its agreement for the launch of the project.

Start the project

  • In dialogue with the local team, the manager of the “geographical area” appoints the local manager for a probationary period of one year.
  • The local manager signs, au nom du groupe, l’engagement d’appliquer les principes de Ziléos selon la « Charte et l’organisation du projet Ziléos pour les jeunes ».
  • The start-up is done with few financial means : meeting in loaned premises, activities chosen according to local resources and the resources of young people, witnesses or speakers invited to provide their services free of charge.
  • Training sessions on the aims and pedagogy of Ziléos are given annually. The initial training, lasting 2 ½ days, provides participants with access to all of Ziléos' educational sheets, which they undertake not to distribute externally.

Support the project

The first year, the Ziléos “geographical area” manager supports the local team in a more sustained manner. This support continues in the following years.

  • He trains her in the purpose, mission, pedagogy and methods of Ziléos.
  • He encourages him to experience the ministry of Presence on site, after having experienced it during a club or a camp, in a city where Ziléos is already established.

At the end of this first year, an evaluation is made by the “geographic area” manager. It is based on the objectives set in the action plan and the Ziléos charter.

A confirmation is made or not to continue the mission. If the answer is positive, the local manager is normally appointed for three years, with a team around him.

Possible adaptations are made to the action plan.

Anchoring in the duration of the project
The “geographic area” manager sets up continuing training to support and train project managers and facilitators over the long term, in accordance with the Ziléos charter.