Ziléos calls, trains and supports leaders and leaders over time to deploy Ziléos' mission: to provide access to the Good News of the Gospel, particularly to young people far from the Church.


  • They seek to unify their lives following Christ: their way of being and living will be consistent with the message announced to young people.
  • They look at each young person with respect and love, know how to listen to them and understand their needs and follow their development.
  • They are not afraid to evolve in their ideas and their know-how.
  • They are aware of having received the treasure of faith and of the responsibility to transmit it in a living and constantly updated way.
  • They combine love, desire to serve, competence and responsibility, and know how to implement a personal training plan.
  • They are capable of understanding changes in society to adapt their proposals, if necessary. The objective is that they themselves become co-responsible for the deployment of the Ziléos project in conjunction with the local Church.


  • Implement the pastoral action plan;
  • Live the ministry of Presence among young people;
  • Participate in the organization and running of clubs, camps and year courses;
  • Work as a team, know how to surround yourself with parents and older young people;
  • Train young people to run clubs and camps;
  • Work in conjunction and with reference to the local manager;
  • Regularly participate in continuing training that will be adapted to their availability and needs;
  • With young people, through different actions, contribute to the financing of their project.


Ziléos organizes solid initial training and continuing training in its vision, methods and pedagogy.

Ziléos leur donne accès à un répertoire, une banque de données de programmes et d’outils pour animer les camps, le parcours Approfondir la foi chrétienne. Ce répertoire est constamment enrichi d’autres expériences menées ailleurs dans le monde auprès des jeunes. Ziléos accompagne ses animateurs et apporte son savoir-faire. De plus ses activités s’organisent dans les cadres légaux de chaque pays. Ziléos s’associe avec les organismes de formation reconnus par les pays pour former ses animateurs selon les lois en vigueur pour l’encadrement et l’animation des jeunes mineurs.