In Canada

A religious corporation

Ziléos international office and Ziléos Canada

Address : 231 rue Notre Dame Est Victoriaville, CANADA G6P 4A2

Phone : +1.819.604.2455

To contact the international team:

To contact the Canada team:

In France

A private Catholic association of the faithful under diocesan law (diocese of Créteil, France)

 Ziléos France

Address : 5, rue Monsieur 75007 Paris

To contact the France team:

In Romania

A non-profit civil association under Romanian law

 Ziléos Romania

To contact the Romania team:

In Switzerland

A pilot project in Lausanne (Lausanne North Pastoral Unit)

To contact the team in Switzerland:

In Liban

A non-profit civil association

To contact the Liban team:

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Please note that Ziléos adheres to the information confidentiality policy set out in Law 25 in Canada and the GDPR in Europe.

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