Its managers

An international council, country councils

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In Canada

A religious corporation

Ziléos international office and Ziléos Canada

Address : 231 rue Notre Dame Est Victoriaville, CANADA G6P 4A2

Phone : +1.819.604.2455

To contact the international team: info@zileos.org

To contact the Canada team: infocanada@zileos.org

In France

A private Catholic association of the faithful under diocesan law (diocese of Créteil, France)

 Ziléos France

Address : 5, rue Monsieur 75007 Paris

To contact the France team: infofrance@zileos.org

In Romania

A non-profit civil association under Romanian law

 Ziléos Romania

To contact the Romania team: inforomania@zileos.org

In Switzerland

A pilot project in Lausanne (Lausanne North Pastoral Unit)

To contact the team in Switzerland: info@zileos.org

In Liban

A non-profit civil association

To contact the Liban team: infoliban@zileos.org

Its founders

Two French people: Patrick and Béatrice François. They have more than 40 years of full-time experience in the Church, including 35 in youth ministry. They initiated and developed, with those in the field and young people, projects to announce the Gospel to adolescents, students and young professionals in several regions of the world. They recognized a call confirmed by several Church leaders to found this new project serving young people: Ziléos.

Canonical recognition

The Catholic diocese of Créteil (France) has given Ziléos the canonical status of a private association of the faithful under diocesan law with an ecumenical openness.

An international association

Ziléos exists in Canada, France, Romania, Switzerland, Lebanon and soon in other countries. International exchanges allow us to be connected, to open new paths and to learn from our differences in a rapidly changing world.

An ecumenical dimension

Ziléos believes in the unity of Christians (Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox). This is why the association is open to Christians of all faiths to experience this unity and build a more just and fraternal world.

An interreligious dimension

In its club meetings, Ziléos, a Christian association, also welcomes young people of other religions. She does this with respect for differences, with a desire for dialogue. Ziléos welcomes all young people who ask questions and want to travel with others. No judgment, no search for conversion. Everyone is respected for who they are. Ziléos seeks, when it can, to collaborate with movements or associations of other religions.