Never ready-made answers! You will have everything to help you believe in yourself and give you confidence. You are not alone in having these questions, you will move forward with others to find your own answers.

Speakers, specialists in their field, will provide you with insights and values. The Ziléos facilitators will give you insight from the Gospel and guidelines for thinking, for finding your points of support and building your life.

At Zileos, we discuss the question of God and many other subjects, always with respect for everyone. You also do lots of activities, you have fun, you make lots of friends, you share with others what is meaningful in your life. Thanks to all this, you come out of your bubble, you become sensitive to the presence of others, you feel more responsible for the world around you.
It makes you move... see life with new eyes...

This name has two Greek roots: zilos (means zeal) and eos (dawn).
We can say that Zileos is “zeal from the dawn”.

We were inspired by the prophet Isaiah in the Bible:
“Those who rely on the Lord find new strength;
They spread their wings like eagles,
They run without getting tired, they move forward without getting tired. »
Isaiah 40, 28-31

No ! Ziléos welcomes all young people who ask questions and want to travel with others. There is no judgment. Everyone is respected for who they are and what they believe in. Simply, during meetings, in addition to fun times and discussions with speakers, there is a spiritual time, with a light from the Gospel, linked to the theme of the day. Ziléos is a Catholic movement, and its vocation is to be ecumenical, that is to say open to other Christian denominations (Protestants, Orthodox). If you are of another religion, you are welcome, the Gospel is for everyone.

It’s a time of interiority, you’ll see it feels really good. You will be respected and it will be an opportunity to make discoveries. You will stay there and be completely free.

Participation in the club is free, no obligation to come next time. You can just attend camp. But it will be richer for you to have a little continuity in your participation. Especially if you form friendships. Also, you may want to worry about the world around you so that it becomes fairer and more fraternal. You can do this in Zileos or elsewhere: everything is possible!

Everything you experience there is illuminated by the Word of God. You can connect your life and your faith, pray and be in relationship with God. You can share your experience with those who do not believe or are searching. And if you wish, in addition to clubs and camps, you can follow a Ziléos+ course and biblical training sessions which allow you to go further.

Adults or older young people close to you, respectful and confident. They are attentive to your needs and open to your suggestions for organizing meetings. They are creative. They themselves experience what they seek to share. They are trained and supported in their mission.

Ziléos is recognized as an association of the Catholic Church, with the status of a private association of the faithful. Wherever Zileos is on mission it is in agreement with the various local ecclesial authorities and at the request of the local bishop.

Since the beginnings and following the revelations about pedophilia within the Church, Ziléos insists on the greatest vigilance to be adopted in the choice, the call, and the long-term support of its leaders. They must all prove that they have no criminal record. Ziléos is committed to implementing mandatory training and awareness programs which are part of the continuing training of trainers and facilitators. Young people welcomed at Ziléos will also be made aware and informed of their rights when they participate in the association's meetings. In the event of abuse or sexual violence against a minor or a vulnerable person, Ziléos will immediately contact the authorities and will cooperate fully with the justice system.

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